Professional Corporate Headshots, Acting Headshots, Model Portfolio Development, and Natural Light Portraits in Greenville, South Carolina
Hi! I’m Tara (and that’s my husband Richard being goofy with me)
I was born and raised in Texas, lived overseas as a kid, randomly packed my car for unknown destination-less adventures, and have been in love with photography since I was 8 years old. Film was truly my first love and black and white images will always hold a special place in my heart. Yes, I do shoot digital now, and in color - but oh… black and white!!!
I have photographed product and e-commerce campaigns for some common household names here in the southeast - From Rack Room Shoes to Gerber Childrenswear, to Lowes Home Improvement. I bring a feminine & insanely logical viewpoint to my design and throw in a deep understanding of what appeals to the customer.
And when it comes to people, there is something special about capturing an individual's portrait. Not “taking a picture of them” - because, trust me, that is something very, very different. 
A picture is simply a moment in time where the light was bouncing around into a sensor. 
A portrait captures something special about that person. Something about who they are - and yes, you can see it in that moment in a portrait. A beautiful mix of light, shadows, and a little bit of vulnerability.
I’ve been told time and again by my clients that I have a way of interacting with them to help them feel at ease, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and trust that I will create great marketing images. I’ll take it as a compliment.
…because when you’re looking for someone to create a legacy image of you, or capture your product in a way that appeals to your target audience, I would think that’s a big plus. So let’s meet. Grab a cup of coffee and design your next photoshoot.
Retouching Happens
It’s another love of mine. I don’t know that I could ever source it out.
Yes, I retouch every image you purchase to make it look almost perfect - I mean, if you’re 65 and want to look 30, well, that’s not really a portrait of you anymore, is it?
And sometimes, when it calls for it - I add light rays streaming in or mountains in the background of a natural light session.

And no, I do not release RAW images to anyone. You wouldn't ask a Chef at a five-star restaurant to hand you the raw ingredients. You're paying for a finished product and experience. That's what I provide.
“Having had very little experience in front of a camera, I really had no idea what to expect. Tara was super helpful, making me feel at ease and giving great input. She has an excellent eye for just the proper angle and is a wizard with her editing. Looking forward to working with her again someday!”
— Michael R.
“I was so nervous about my session. I thought, what am I doing having a photoshoot at 49 years old?! And especially one where I am showing off more skin than I have since I was 30. But what an amazing experience. I will treasure these photos for a long time. It's never too late for a session like this.”
— Vikki G.
“HIRE THIS PHOTOGRAPHER! There are a lot of photographers out there that can take your picture, but there is something about the way that she works that really captures that special side of you.”
— Maddie R.
There is really nothing that Tara has not or will not photograph.
Here is where so many misquote a common saying: "A jack of all trades, is a master of none"

Well, that's not the full quote.

Here is how it goes: "
A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."

Having multiple interests could prove advantageous. From Commercial Product to Child Portraits. You need it photographed, Tara won’t blink an eye at your project and will have visual solutions for any task.
**any race, gender, identity, and vaccine status are welcome - Come on, do we even have to go there?
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